Wetsand is a scalable cloud platform to build, manage and run small web application and mobile app backbone.


  • Manage email accounts for your domain and staff
  • Manage email forwarding
  • Create functions that run on server without setting up the servers
  • Run your functions with HTTP call
  • Setup scheduled triggers for your function using cron expressions
  • Monitor overall disk usage and it's breakdown
  • Monitor disk usage for each email account individually
  • Manage contents for your website and apps using an absolutely simple content editor
  • Allow contents writer to change the contents directly
  • Manage database for your website and apps with or without knowing any technical details
  • Write functions to access and modify your database with helper functions via our NPM package.
  • Upload and access images and other media without managing the disk storage
  • Perform backend tasks for your static application (like sending emails, payment processing, managing cart etc)
  • Deploy websites and functions using CLI tool
  • Unique JWT signature based token management that allows you to revoke JWT tokens by group.
  • Manage invoices, make payments and view the billing breakdown
  • Manage your wetsand access users with complex and easy-to-use UI
  • ...and more